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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on March 1, 2014):
Best purchase of my life. Both of my boys are very quick learners, and they both used it for their #2 immediately.
Having some issues for some reason with one of them (and I think it's because he is scared of the cycling) going pee elsewhere. This is probably my own fault for expecting them to adjust instantly. We moved into a brand new home (new construction), and I did not move their old litter box over here. Set up my first cat genie in the laundry room, locked them in there for about 4-5 hours, and let them out because they seemed ready (no longer skittish). One of them peed in our downstairs bathroom sink, convenient, but annoying. Also peed on their empty cat food bag that I sat next to the door to go out with the trash the next morning. (This is pee puddles, not marking). So they have had a couple "accidents" that I don't exactly understand as they have never done a #2 anywhere but inside the cat genie.

They did also pee on their bed in the laundry room as opposed to using the cat genie. Any ideas for why they aren't consistently peeing in the genie would be great.

I'm going to purchase the unscented wash next time as well.
I do not like the fresh scent at all as it is quite overwhelming upstairs.