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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on February 4, 2014):
I've had my Cat Genie for almost the full 90 days. My boy cat loves it, sometimes just plays in it so it runs more than it needs to, but my girl cat is so stubborn she won't use it all the time. She does sometimes, especially if I walk her over to it. But I'm not home all the time. I've had to use a vinegar/water/hydrogen peroxide/etc solution on almost my entire living room floor to get rid of the smell and deter her from using it as her litter box.

As I'm approaching that 90 day mark, my Cat Genie apparently needs a new processing unit. Since this happened, I've gotten a message for every error in the book (literally). According to the very nice customer service lady that I spoke to earlier today, it will be here in 3 business days. Not bad at all. And there was no waiting on hold. You leave them a message and usually within 20 minutes they call you back. Aside from this inconvenience, I would consider my experience so far with Cat Genie a good one, but not great. Great would mean my product wouldn't break within 3 months of having paid $300 for a product.

On another note, I also bought the sidewalls. I would definitely recommend these. My cats jump out and fling the little granules every time, but the walls at least help to keep some inside the bowl. I also have a mat that I used to keep in front of their old litter box. I think this is what helped my boy cat adjust so quickly (maybe 1 day?!) and it also helps catch some of the granules so I can actually put them back into the bowl and save a little money. Also, I'm switching to unscented.