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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on December 6, 2013):
I was lucky Enough to find one on sale at local store. Got it home and set it up. Was easy to setup. I setup it up in laundry room. And set old cat box in trash. My cat used it from the start. He used it within the first 10 mins. It has lots of settings and a service menu. You should read all directions if you do there should be no problems. I just ordered the dome and Joined the vic package. You get free shipping and if u do the math it makes each box of litter and solution u get only $20 each. I searched ebay and google. The vic is the best deal I could find. And for me cheaper than litter. Plus I like the low maintenance. I been running mine over a month now. Not had to touch it at all. And it makes my house smell so clean after a wash cycle. And it is not cheaply made like all other boxes I have tried.

My cat likes to move litter around. I would suggest getting the dome. I just ordered one for me. And I will be ordering the litter mat latter. I saw a door to I might get.

well worth the money. And I will not be without one. If there is ever a new model after the 120 I will be buying it.