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Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Product Review (submitted on November 27, 2013):
The CatGenie is one of the most outstanding machines I've seen (Both in and out of the Marine Corps) ... The Tuxedo Package is the PERFECT for starting out (as this is what my Wife & I purchased years ago.) The Customer Service is OUTSTANDING and will stay on the phone with you until the issue (if there is one) until it's resolved. Easy install and great instructions.... Can't say enough about the CatGenie as it's truly change our lives (and out Kitty) as well with a fresh and clean litter box each time.

Thanks again CatGenie for making an incredible product that has the quality and value to back it up. If your on the fence about buying one, purchase it and trust me, you will agree with me on all the above. Coming from a Sergeant of Marines that was severely wounded, this is something that that takes one more task out of days chore list!

Thanks again CatGenie and SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Always Faithful)