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  1. CatGenie Store Gift Cards

    CatGenie Store Gift Cards

    From $25.00
    Not sure what package your special cat lover needs? Want to give them the gift of supplies? Want to get someone a CatGenie gift but are running late? Give them a CatGenie Gift card. You choose how much, fill out the form, and we will email--in your name the gift card to whomever you want! Learn More
  2. GeniePaws-grey


    The GeniePaw is a mat that catches whatever cats can toss. Smartly designed to circle CatGenie perfectly.

    -Nubs remove litter from paws -Outer wall prevents tracking and scatter. -Custom fit tab fits perfectly under the CatGenie to hold it in place. -Comes in CatGenie pearl gray to match your CatGenie. Learn More
  3. GenieDoor


    An Adorable door. The GenieDoor is the perfect finishing touch to your CatGenie.
    - Easy Swing in and out - Helps contain Washable Granules - Locks any smells between washings - Easily snaps on to your new or existing GenieDome. Learn More
  4. Genie Dome

    Genie Dome

    GenieDome™ gives cats who crave total privacy their wish. The snowy white Dome tops the pearl gray rim that securely nests on to the CatGenie Base. The GenieDome is made of 4 removable sections. Learn More
  5. Genie Sidewalls

    Genie Sidewalls

    Genie SideWalls™ provide a bit more privacy than the regular CatGenie. Its higher sides (4") keep high kickers' scatter inside the box. The sides are seamless additions that cleverly nest exactly onto CatGenie Base and precisely match the Base color of pearl gray. Gives owners the benefits of a hood for cats who don't care for deep cover. Learn More
  6. New Inlet Hose

    New Inlet Hose

    New replacement for your cold water intake hose. We recommend changing this every 2-3 years to help keep your CatGenie going and going. Learn More
  7. GenieHand


    The GenieHand replaces yours if you need it. The GenieHand works with both the CatGenie 60 and the CatGenie 120 **Bonus** get a free Scrubber Learn More
  8. T-Adapter Replacement Set

    T-Adapter Replacement Set


    Changing the location of your CatGenie and cannot find your other T-Adapter? Here is your replacement set.

    -Sorry, only sold in Sets

    Learn More

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